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    its time to evolve....


    Thoughts and Prayers for a Wayward Soul

    The simping is out of control. He will likely be one of the many men who learns the hard way from his own actions. I pitty the fool who does this to himself, but they often serve as redpills to learn from for thoes who see how it plays out instead of doing the same thing. It's wisdom we seek...

    Kyle Rittenhouse Trial and How the Media’s Lies

    I agree 100%. It was getting scary there as it looked almost like the media lies and corruption almost had him. I'm glad he had this victory, but when it comes to our rights within this country, we aren't out of the hot water yet. It takes eternal vigilance in the fight for freedom and we must...

    Where is Saint Hammudi now?

    I have no clue who this is lol.


    so far nobody's using the acronym that i can see on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=men+escaping+degenerate+society i have searched both terms, and none are being used.

    As it says



    I created this one on the spot. Hope you enjoy it.


    Now this is creative genius! because we could use both acronym as a form of pills being taken as meds as well as the full acronym. You might say we could use this and be monetized on YouTube as well as other Normie platforms, although I do suppose it will eventually be banned, however why not...

    Public service announcement as regards getting a PS5

    Meh, I got a gaming PC. I've been spoiled with my PC. But I know what it was like being a console peasant back in the day to such info like this.
  10. KEEPER

    LOLs ??? COVID vaccine, COVID travel restriction and mask mandates have been abandoned in certain countries

    I think you need to give proper space in between what you wrote and the link, so it will work more like a hyperlink.
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    Destructive Element Part 2 - The Crime Wave (Hammer Edit)

    Yeah I usually try to correct mine, but I was super tired when I wrote that, and I didn't much care. What drives me nuts the most is when I try to add a comma through text to speech, sometimes it likes to add in words that I didn't say where it will add something that looks like this "oh," I...
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    Destructive Element Part 2 - The Crime Wave (Hammer Edit)

    No need for that, I understood your meaning.
  13. KEEPER

    posted a new video of mine for the brotherhood on mgtow.tv, please enjoy fellas

    So she was basically the equivalent of the female pedophile, and he's a lady's man. But of course we don't ever call women that, because it's a different circumstance somehow? No no, that was just a simple mistake. But if a man does it. he's a rapist pedophile and needs to be put in jail for...
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    Destructive Element Part 2 - The Crime Wave (Hammer Edit)

    I was responding to your reply of what you were saying, while also trying to stay awake as I was very tired when I wrote that. And I noticed that there were a lot of typos after the fact, they are mostly there because I'm using text-to-speech on my phone as I don't have my computer with me...