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    Plymouth Shooting and its aftermath and how that will affect mgtow

    a few days ago we have seen news of the plymouth shooting done by an "incel" (may or may not be incel mainstream media not trusted). now due to the aftermath of the shooting governments will be more likely to ban and arrest people who produce "anti women content" and "incels" now i see a problem...
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    Possibility of avoiding lockdowns and creating a mgtow settlement in "International Waters"

    Today i have found out that International waters are basically lawless and that countrys dont bother policing and i began to theorise about avoiding lockdowns and maybe creating a mgtow town in International waters here i will try to see whether it is possible and will see feedback on the idea...
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    Thank you for unbanning me.

    Hello this is igor mgtow as my first thread i would like to thank everyone for helping to unban me and special thanks goes to Keeper and Amr also known as MGTOW Cafe. This is great because mgtow.cafe is one of the only mgtow forum sites remaining