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    Is your mind still intact?

    Mine has atrophied because of a total overhaul, but I was already headed that way prior to 2019. Somewhere in the middle of 2020, completely snapped and ruthlessly, cut everyone off. There is no telling if the virus thing helped it along or it was an independent process. Relating with other...
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    Another fuel filled post, jk

    There is too much truth out there and not enough time to process it in your mind. Some have not unmasked themselves to the point where they begin to get directly affected by the slightest of things.It is basically something similar to red pill rage on the flip side of it. Balance your time as...
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    Information is a very sharp double edge sword.

    Without words, everything is written on a face. The mind deceives us with doubt, we expect good out of people but there are simply too many different species among us. That's where the Hollywood came in, conditioned expectations. It does not matter what we consciously perceive, since they've...
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    Capitalism is not going to go anywhere, it is going to fully merge with tyranny. People may get their hands on money but since that money is infinitely larger in supply by the minute.. it is trivial, the value of a dollar is the same as value of a coupon from a monopoly game. People who can rub...
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    What is a ''Role Model'' ?

    It is to ''model'' after somebody ''famous''. A blueprint for disaster, because that person is an actor usually. Regardless, that person is of a different genetic stock. Women are all the same, modeling is for them, the obedient role is for them. A mans journey is always infinitely deeper and no...
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    How does a man live?

    Had to struggle with the tittle for this. A man that lives for ''pleasure'' is probably going to fall at some point. As kids we are given toy soldiers, cars, legos some just get a stick and some sand but you get it, men get all the necessary things which reflect the large world. What's the...
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    There is no shortage of pressure. It can be felt on all levels, being part of groups or separate/solo. Current world situation has stripped all illusions away, mainly for those that can see and also think on what they can see. Most go on as if nothing has changed except a mask plus a needle...
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    4nimal F4rm

    It does not matter what is shown on TV, it wouldn't matter if the correspondent would say ''today we are going to stop all the bullshit and only tell you the truth!''. The tracks are layered, the surface sound is the surface and the real message is a lower tone, inaudible or barely audible but...
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    Papers Please
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    Hardcore Ying Yang (States Of Being & Understanding)

    Human Qualities: Dictionary recommended. Positive << Click it Negative << Click it It is my understanding that, reality can be changed through examination of self. Yes we are living in some kind of an upside-down-twisted utopia. No question. However, it never hurts to look after your...
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    Destructive Element Part 2 - The Crime Wave (Hammer Edit)

    Only added 1 letter, to the first sentence you've made. I do not use text2speech(which seems to be pretty good), if I did my entire post would be alien most likely. So by who would fix mine I've meant that id have to fix(mprove) it myself, noticed many mistakes etc etc
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    Destructive Element Part 2 - The Crime Wave (Hammer Edit)

    I've fixed yours but who will fix mine lmfao
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    Destructive Element Part 2 - The Crime Wave (Hammer Edit)

    ''I agree about the woman hating part, It can fuck up a person's mind if that's all they think about.'' Black pill tends to accumulate hate from every single aspect of life, it can lock your physical brain wiring into a state of fight or flight. In my case I've also got abusers all around which...
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    Destructive Element Part 2 - The Crime Wave (Hammer Edit)

    Think about this for a second. Can you make an Alpha into a Beta? No, therefore a Beta can not be alpha. Alpha, Beta and a Simp. A Simp is happy to serve, if he tries to do anything else he will damage his brain. The only pleasures he receives is from serving the leftovers and he is truly happy...
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    Destructive Element (edited)

    Thanks for the compliment on the writing, it is nothing more but luck. In fact, had to look up what fan-fiction is. The only thing is semi-constant writing, about everything that comes to mind. When you are passionate about something(out of necessity) and you land on the pulse, it may come out a...
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    Destructive Element (edited)

    There is a pattern emerging through civilizations of women raising to power https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodora_(wife_of_Justinian_I), insert any woman of/in power, Cleopatra or what have you. All of these women are almost exclusively the manifestation of ''whore of Babylon''. Is it safe to...
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    Slight Comic Relief (Noah's Ark)

    Part 1 https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/noah-039-s-ark-1-of-2_UsxTXdGmZ1p9lod.html Part 2 https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/noah-039-s-ark-part-2-of-2_qh1lDjerkVimqn6.html There is a whole new meaning to ''education'' in my mind.. lol
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    Women are taking over

    The word already were female, now with feminism they have no fear to be in politics aka in the open. https://taylormarshall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Whore-of-Babylon-.png The Whore carried on the Hydra (The Hydra represents the control aspect of the matrix, our system of everything from...
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    WTF IS Passive Agressive (The easiest way to know you are dealing with true psychopathy)

    Ok, this is among the more important things, above my try-hard philosophy. If you've yet to encounter this consider thy self blessed. Will start with Wikipedia: Passive-aggressive behavior is characterized by a pattern of passive hostility and an avoidance of direct communication. Inaction...
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    Enough internet for today

    Even when you do know something, you still do not really know much. “We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning.” ― Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation