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4nimal F4rm


New member
It does not matter what is shown on TV, it wouldn't matter if the correspondent would say ''today we are going to stop all the bullshit and only tell you the truth!''. The tracks are layered, the surface sound is the surface and the real message is a lower tone, inaudible or barely audible but the mind picks it up. This is the root of hypocrisy in people, the real intention is hidden regardless of what most people say. They've been programmed. It's not only sound, it's everything the six senses pick up, all engineered. From a shopping center commercial, to billboards to pharmacy logos. This is why regardless of how intelligent a person is they are powerless, in their ventures.

Also they can tell you bullshit and have even more bullshit underneath. They are never just getting one bird with one stone. This makes me wonder about gurus and all types of things, since we hear a ''recording'' and watch it on the screen. "work hard and persevere'' = subliminal ''your bitch ass, ain't amount to shit''

When it comes to books it's yet another matter, because WORDS are also a fuckery in many cases. You've heard about all this ''spelling'' already... I won't bother you with it.

>> When people re-upload clips from m$m for analysis or to comment on them, just know that they are doing a couple things to you with that video, not just saying some bla bla stuff. This makes me wonder even further, like is it possible that all famous You-tubers are also working for the thing, since young people tend to not watch tv as much, they all have the same fucking formula just like the news. Any successful person is bound to do some typical shit that works, because words and charisma just don't cut it alone. They all are programming. Some may do it without even knowing it, but they've been trained perhaps subliminally.