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Best results for Android users.


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If you're using Android may I suggest a more simple way to view this extension of MGTOW Cafe.

All you need to do first, download the app which you can find on the top left of the page where you see the three lines click on that and scroll down to the bottom where it says install app.

And depending on which browser you are using it will use your current browser to install it, however it's not exactly an app and more like an add-on extension through your browser, But it works exactly like an app would.

Next you open the app on your home screen, go to register your new account, you're absolutely fine to copy exactly your same username and password if you like from MGTOW TV.

Then when you're done with that, you simply login to the website and everything should work perfectly.

I was able to achieve dark mode through my method of using the brave browser's latest update of the app and enabling dark mode before I did any of this install process.

So if you want dark mode, you can do just that with the brave browser app.

This extension website doesn't come with dark mode on its own, but perhaps someday in the future it will when I gets updated.

Anyway the app works great with Android.

You can still view the website within a browser, however having the app eliminates the address bar on the top of your screen and also eliminates the bottom extensions that come with a browser, which makes everything much easier to navigate.
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