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hey guys posted my first video on odysee on female nature,basically an excerpt from a web-series named BORGIAS


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The Borgias were known as a crime family in Rome, I think even Lucrezia I was married into their enemies going to kill them and take their wealth and power a few times if the lore serves me correct on this?

It's been awhile since I've read about it, also I might be mixing up Assassin's Creed lore when they did Brotherhood on the Borgia.

But this scene does make sense as a possible part where they were grooming her into using her sexuality as a tool or weapon as they say to get close to powerful men to steal their power and influence.
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yes sir.... she was 14 when she was being married and she also had a romantic inclination towards his brother caesare borgia as well. this was from episode 1 btw

what i want to lay emphasis on is that even back then in 1492, FEMALE NATURE was the same as it is today. I have not even opened the pandora's box were women used to do whatever they want during the roman empire and earlier days of babylon and pharaohs. i would post more videos like this, i would atleast make one video every week on a saturday so that its easily accessible on MGTOW.TV,Bitchute and Odysee, only these 3 platforms first. Not youtube ofc, fuck youtube , they censor us MGTOW all the time,