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Informed Consent For Covid Vax


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Attached is a PDF I got from a clinical research group that wanted to do a clinical study for a Covid vaccine. It is a 26 page scientific report. It tell you all the facts you need including the facts it can give you AIDS and kills you. I did not go through with it because of the science. How many millions of people took the scamarona vaccine without knowing what is going in them?


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well lets look at the three groups of people i trust the least...the media, Big Pharma, and the fucking US Government....
now lets look at the three groups of people pushing this untested experimental gene therapy technology
...oh wait... its the Fucking US Government, Big Pharma and the fucking media....
fuck it where do i sign up

got this link from the Monke months ago and just this week Popps sidekick Blake stumbled across it. i've tried to read these 18 reasons to everyone who asks me why i will never ever ever take that shit...and i never get passed point six before they're basically going full retard.
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