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It all makes sense now


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For a very long time I could not figure out why and how our society, on a world scale, could have fallen so low. How the mental decay could have hit so many people of all ages and background in such a short amount of time. Now, I think the explanation is clear - the hormonal contraception. I have read many articles about how it screws up with female body and their brains - physically and mentally. Their bodies were never made to be in pregnant state 24/7/365. But that is what those hormones do. They make them stupid(lowers the IQ), depressed, mentally unstable, they gain weight and never lose it and many other effects. It's like caffeine. We accept it as normal but it absolutely is not normal and it is incredibly harmful. Yet there is too much money behind it to push the narrative. And so it has been normalized. And men follow women because of their sex drives so men decayed mentally and morally as well(that is the reason why betas/white knights exist in the first place). And here we are.

And with so many women in position of power these days, especially political, this is a perfect recipe for a disaster on a world scale.

Undead Chronic talks about no hymen, no diamond. I would also add the use of the pill, or the lack of - to be specific, into the equation.