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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial and How the Media’s Lies

sammu adams

New member


The best thing that can come from the Rittenhouse saga, other than an acquittal, is that people recognize the media's race lies for what they are.


((( ENFORCER )))
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I agree 100%. It was getting scary there as it looked almost like the media lies and corruption almost had him.

I'm glad he had this victory, but when it comes to our rights within this country, we aren't out of the hot water yet.

It takes eternal vigilance in the fight for freedom and we must always demand justice with just constitutional laws for all.

Right now we are having a communist problem that's been implemented within all branches of our government to the point where the corruption is spread far and wide.

Our constitution is hanging by a thread at this point, something that was written in scripture to be weary of, as well as the mark of the beast warnings.

There was a time when I would never bring this kind of conversation up within MGTOW related forums, but at the end of the day the MGTOW message is nothing but warnings of wisdom and how to navigate through that structure to find freedom in the age we are currently living.

I finally understand what it is to have this freedom, and how it can easily be taken from us when we stand idle for far too long, as we have become lazy or afraid to fight back, until it leads to a point of no return.

The MGTOW message is more than surface level understandings of how to navigate life with women, we can't live with them, but we also can't live without them, which is a cause that leads to chaos with modern feminism doctrine that often leads to men going their own way.

The MGTOW message used to be that we could fix things by taking women's rights away, but to do this is impossible with how little our numbers are and for the fact that even though it's starting to look as we will collapse soon enough, our numbers will still be dwindling as we won't be the ones who will start over so much as our Elites have other plans and they will be our rulers or slavers in the end anyway.

I know how black pill this sounds, but it also serves as a red pill of what's to come, so maybe the message we should be taking away from this, is to enjoy what freedoms we have left as it's all going to collapse.

We enter into this life kicking and screaming, do we really need to result in heading out of this life the same way?

I believe in choosing to use my free agency and enjoy my freedom befor it all comes crumbling beneath our feet giving the feeling of regret in a life wasted on regrets.

sammu adams

New member
100% Agreed with you.

But if the majority numbers of people from all the countries and all races are united together to fight the elites. Then we may have a Second chance to regain back.