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My friend is getting divorce-raped in India, came to his court-hearing today all the way from canada.


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so i called him to see as to whether he wants any help or not. It seemed to me that he wasn't telling the truth, i am currently doing my JD from alberta state university and he is a U.S. return to india and he was an IT expert. WIfe used to act as a bully, filed Domestic Violence case against him, and in the police station his brother and her tried to take a swing at him, thankfully CCTV camera in the police station was there and it got recorded and was presented before the judge in the court-room. Judge didn't tell her anything. She was so arrogant that she told the judge to kindly "make it fast"...... yes!!!!!! you heard it right. She told the motherfucking JUDGE to kindly "make it fast" and not only that, she took a swing at me outside the court-room because i used to give him some legal counselling on phone from canada and this was the first date of the hearing of the case. Indian women have no shame to do whatever they could do possible to destroy my friend's life, she took away their only son and now my friend is left high and dry because of this bitch!

Let me tell you folks ho bad is it in India though,speaking of which i am also of indian origin with my marriage destroyed here in canada.

My friend's got destroyed after returning from USA.

he used to work in QUALCOMM company and used to have access to the critical technology and did software programming for them. A typical family man who used to love his family.

My heart cried tears of blood when i saw her destroy his own husband in front of the judge today by calling him every name in the book and alleging that he has a mistress (yes she filed a case against him in that section of CODE for Criminal Procedure)

My friend is away from his son, away from his family which he ever loved, the woman he ever loved and did everything possible to actually keep the family intact. But he has not seen his son for over a year.

Its just that god forbid, this should never happen to anyone, not even to your worst enemy.

Luckily, my friend was mentally prepared for the trial and tried to actually work it through, process it and later answered the questions asked by the judge.

Thats why i feel very depressed today.

I wish this never happens again to anybody, nobody should marry in the first place.

This is what they call as MID-LIFE CRISIS...... because our fucking parents,teachers,colleagues,peers,friend-circles,contacts.mentors and anybody else DO NOT PREPARE MEN AND BOYS FOR THIS DISASTER UNTIL IT HAPPENS

If it doesn't happen to you, you might laugh it off, but when it do happens to you, you become somewhat radicalised in that regard.