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Capitalism is not going to go anywhere, it is going to fully merge with tyranny. People may get their hands on money but since that money is infinitely larger in supply by the minute.. it is trivial, the value of a dollar is the same as value of a coupon from a monopoly game. People who can rub one brain cell against another, will play the pretend game as a way to cope. As I've came to learn solutions only provide more problems down the road, the mind get's sanitized and emotions are kept pickled up. A person is going to walk around ready to explode at any minute or the opposite, totally submerged in cope, emptiness. The only reason we see violence still is because many people especially in the west are doped up on so many pills, that you need apply mathematical formulas to find out just how many. The word sterile is correctly applied, sterilized humanoid.

The conspiracy theories, pointless. It is fear that get's passed around like the flu. People will do anything for what they call ''clout'' these days. A head doctor will tell the president to apply all possible measures because he's got his job to protect. Those who have power will over blow things 100% of the time, every time. Ego and greed will exponentially grow in each human, no one is going to humble themselves. The trajectory: Ego up, up and up.

Vampires are not a myth, they are real. They do not suck your blood but psychological energy, the only difference between a movie. I've came to distinguish different types of people not only physiologically but also seeing that their brains are an infinite variety or archetypes. The problem is that many people do not know themselves, because they are caught in the grind and never sat down and tried to figure out who they really are. There are tons of people who get off on disfiguring others psyche, actually that is how they survive. The only way for a certain people to live is to do exactly that, cause harm, that's how they were born.

Why am I telling you about vampires? After noticing the sterility of the situation and the extinction of physical violence, has paved the way for a perfect sandbox for a psychopath. Because a psychopath does not punch you in the face personally, that's what a sociopath may do. These people can now wreak as much havoc as is humanly possible and on the surface it will look like no blood spilled. Essentially we have reached a point where we are headed for extinction(extinct), because once there are no prey left, they are going to have to start to eat each other. That point has began already a few decades back.

You wake up outnumbered, we are not lacking water on earth or some other resource. What is happening is just like a certain type of bear has went extinct, people who are energy donors are now pretty much gone. The world is dry and there is no more blood to suck. No wonder when you forsake jobs and women, people still do not leave you alone. Mind you none of this is happening consciously.

It is important to understand the kind of breeds of people that surround you, not just talking alpha beta sega xbox playstation omega lol. What kind of a mind and energy do they have? What makes them feel good? Because what makes them feel good may be death for you.