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There is no shortage of pressure. It can be felt on all levels, being part of groups or separate/solo. Current world situation has stripped all illusions away, mainly for those that can see and also think on what they can see. Most go on as if nothing has changed except a mask plus a needle, that is to say, few payed any attention to their internal state changes.

The other day I've tried to get a shitty hotel just to have a change of scenery and they asked me for proof of needle. The usual hotel I like was simply closed down. Another try was too high of a price and I was the only customer on the premise( I do not use a phone, do not ask why).

This shit is forever, going from one shitty matrix into another extra shitty matrix. Soon'ish the opposing side will become worn down by this pressure and we all know Who applies more of it. It is too great of a risk to take people out of shit into a better situation, since they already are so used to shit. Instead why not make it even more sadistic? That's what's next, at this point when I look at the robotic normies, it's easy to tell, no one considers for this thing to ever stop. It is already part of their reality, fear is blind. The plans of the elite could be falling apart for all we know, but the fearful useful idiots are the glue that's going to hold it together.

What is a fearful useful idiot anyways? Genetically gifted chads or super steroid simps, stick together and run all of the lower establishments and services, where regular bootlicking simps spend money. These people even though gifted, bite down on the establishment PP very quickly, because to them it is all about power, thus they respect power that is higher than theirs. The higher tier, such as police and politicians, I don't know shit about it, all I know is that they are fucked in the head and that they ''just do their job''.

The gradual degradation is the worst hell, seemingly stagnant, back and forth, back and forth, turtle speed world take over. Since everyone is focused on shit like power status money and sex(old world concept, now outdated), no one except maybe a doomer(not only powerless, people also think the doomer is their enemy with his pack of cigarettes) is able to see that we are not falling off the cliff but descending into it with a rope. Someone at the top can just cut that rope whenever, but due to their sadistic nature, they want to see the limits to which robomen will go.

So all in all it's the highest form of sadism and people gladly support it, the entire world culture is based on it. Disregard countless materials that exist which teach people how to live a good life vs the rich, greed filled life. I don't know, this television and women have convinced 3-4 billion men that they can all be president.


Solutions? The only solution I am looking for personally is how to get the fuck away from as much of society as is physically possible and at the same time keep remnants of sanity intact, until death arrives. The ability to do that becomes more complicated with each minute. Some entertain the idea of plain sight, but that is not for the faint of heart. If people are not allowed to attack you physically because they do not like you, they will do the next best option, psychological warfare. This warfare is the same as going from using dynamite to using a nuclear bomb, the techniques become increasingly more brutal.

Leaving some space for perhaps an undiscovered idea, but not counting on it much.

Today, while writing this article, I burned a pot of coffee. Immediately I wen't to make another batch, when it was almost ready, simply pored it out into the sink.
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