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Taliban bans death vaccine in Afghanistan’s Paktia province


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According to Afghanistan-based radio and television station Shamshad News, the Taliban have banned coronavirus vaccine in eastern Afghanistan’s Paktia province and have posted a notice in this regard at Paktia Regional Hospital.

According to province Public Health Director Walayat Khan Ahmadzai, the COVID-19 vaccine ward has been closed for the last three days, and clients have been informed that the vaccine is no longer available.

The Taliban, according to Ahmadzai, urged the vaccination distribution team not to provide vaccines.


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These people know for absolute fact that this scam of a vaccine is all about killing people. The best place for you and me to be is either in Eastern Europe with Christians or Afghanistan with the Taliban.


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Not very efficient, though. I mean what percentage of talibans do you think could die of COVID even if they all cought it?
Yup. not effecient. The percentage simply cannot be known - keep in mind it's not jus the cov-jab they are blocking - they are even blocking many other vaccines - includes polio vaccines. the only places in the world where polio still paralysis and kills children is in islamic theocracies. The world was within a 1000km square area to eradicate polio, but religious assholes prevented vaccination of their children in Pakistan.
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