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Thoughts and Prayers for a Wayward Soul


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This last weekend I was fortunate/unfortunate enough to be sitting at a pub next to two purpled haired, tattooed, and pierced up modern naughty girls. The shorter chunkier one said to the bartender, "Buy me a drink cause I'm moving to Chicago!" ... (No Please ... C'Mon?). The bartender asked "What's going on?" and she proudly stated that "a 'good friend' from way back in High School just got locked into a job as a firefighter and secured an apartment and offered to let her live rent free so she can go to school without having to work." Needless to say, my gigantic gynocentric SIMP detecting big toe was throbbing something fierce. Assuming that she's not a liar, which she most likely is to some degree in general, but assuming she's not lying in this case I can only drop a bit of Colt 45 on the ground and say a prayer for our friendzoned SIMP of a FIRECHAD who's about to carry water for a rapidly aging, used up freeloading THOT. Thoughts and Prayers, brothers ... I shake my head. The good news is the bartender didn't give her a free drink. WIINNING!


((( ENFORCER )))
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The simping is out of control. He will likely be one of the many men who learns the hard way from his own actions.

I pitty the fool who does this to himself, but they often serve as redpills to learn from for thoes who see how it plays out instead of doing the same thing.

It's wisdom we seek as MGTOW, and sometimes it's learned through other people's continued mistakes.