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World: where to move?


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Moving away from wherever you are has been a hot topic recently. And for many it has been on their mind for years already. So it would be good to share ideas and experiences here. Everyone's circumstances are different though so YMMV.

To start, I would like to point out the basic statistics https://www.numbeo.com/quality-of-life/rankings_by_country.jsp
The quality of life index is a bit misleading since it does not reflect the fact that you, as immigrant, won't be making the same money as locals. So for some, high QoLI just means expensive country to live in. Hence, I would not pay too much attention to it. But I would look at the safety index first and foremost, since this is one of the main reasons people are thinking about moving these days. If you look at the data, Europe comes out best, followed by/mixed with Australia, Canada and USA(ie. the white countries). But people who live in these know very well that the reality is not as good as it might be presented. These are just numbers after all. Secondly, I would look at cost of living which will impact the day-to-day life the most.

I will be actively travelling next year, once everything opens up(I am not taking the jab nor am willing to take the current test either)... if everything opens up, so my plan is very fluid and virtual at this point. But the idea, for me, was to get rid of my permanent residence and become tax non-resident. Which would require me to spend no more than 180 days in one country a year and to properly ensure my income can be properly optimized. My current situation is that I am transitioning from my IT job into living off of my investments(stock market) only. So I am location independent and have no business, so any country will work out for me just fine. But most people will have businesses(self-employment) so to those people I want to recommend to check out this page. Especially the map that shows you the taxation schemes in various countries. The most important ones are no tax, obviously, and territorial tax. The first one has very few countries and realistically only UAE is a feasible option. Although some people just really shoot for Monaco. Anyway, i think the most potent is the territorial tax where any income sourced outside of the country is not taxed. This mostly includes Malaysia, Georgia and few other countries. If you follow Nomad Capitalist, you know of these two countries already so that's why I have mentioned them. Keep in mind that the income must be sourced from outside. Doing the work locally and being paid from foreign entity will not work. In other words, you cannot do the work locally either. So it would be required for you to set up business outside of said country and make few travels there per year as CEO to prove you have place of control there and not where you live. Keep in mind you'd be paying taxes where incorporated/place of control, hence if you cannot live in no tax country, at least set up a company there so you won't pay any corporate taxes. There are various setups possible, like with Cyprus that does not tax dividends so income earned by Cyprian company would be taxed only once(corporate tax) and your profit would be exempt. But those are technicalities that I don't want to be getting into. I am just saying there are LEGAL options if you look for them.

Another thing one should consider is the weather. People underestimate how much the weather influences our mood. I think Europeans, Canadians, Russians... know very well how depressing winters can be if you are not living in southern regions. On the opposite, you have Asia or SEA where hot and humid weather takes a toll on the body and the mind as well. There are few places on earth with perfect/acceptable weather all year round but usually those are full of people, crime ridden or there's just some problem with it. Hence, I think it is preferable to have 2-3 places to travel between during the year. Which works perfectly with becoming tax non-resident.


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Third point I want to mention is the locals and the culture. You should avoid mixing ethnicities if possible. I think whites will work out just fine with asians(except india) and I have heard blacks are doing fine in south america as well. So it depends on your circumstances. But the point is to be able to blend in as much as possible. Not only because you want to actually talk and interact with the locals but also in case SHTF you won't become a target for the poor or opportunistic criminals.

This being said, I am interested in czechia, slovakia, slovenia, poland, portugal, spain, uae, cyprus, malaysia and thailand.

My concern for czechia and slovakia is them being overrun with isis "immigrants" in near future, once the north-west europe fills up, due to their governments and lack of opposition from the people.

Czechia seems to be more open to everything and already has large muslim populations in there, which is not good(for me, ymmv). They have upcoming election in a month so who knows what the people vote in this time. Presidential elections could be interesting though.

Slovakia on the other hand had a problem with gypsies but if you avoid certain villages you are fine and those in the cities are usually hard workers. So it's probably not even worth mentioning. Unfortunately they have voted in a catastrophic government, and president as well, so who knows what they'll do with the country and what the next elections will look like.

It seems that Poland's hatred towards Russia will cause their downfall when they will side with EU if it goes against Russia, and in the long run against themselves as well. But a white, christian, proud, cheap coutry with beaches in the north. But I think their present government is collapsing so who knows what the future holds there as well.

Slovenia stands out to me with its security mostly. they have tiny part of the shore between italy and croatia so that sucks for beach-goers but they have great countryside, mountains and nature. even though they are one of the safest countries, they are still near italy and italy is one of the main paths into europe to the eu's human traffickers, ehm, i mean non profits. so i would need to do more research on that.

Portugal seems a great choice by all means. it's not perfect but if you are not planning on working there locally, i don't see any issues. one thing i don't like is they introduced some time ago a "rich" tax on properties over 600k but beside that it seems to be ok overall. There is one specific place I am very interested in but the entire country seems good as a whole. Plenty of beaches, good food, nature, cheap...just the language...I just can't even portuguese :) ... ymmv.

Spain is known for its taxes so that is a concern, especially when it comes to owning real estate. their famous barcelona city(worth a visit) is overrun by pick-pocketers and police does not give a fuck and also large amount of africans there. plus they had the terrorist attack two years ago so... luckily i'm mostly interested in south - between malaga and marbella, maybe valencia as well. balerian and canary islands too. though i know canary islands have issues with african "immigrants" since canaries are part of schengen.

UAE is a desert and is run by a sheikh and is totalitarian muslim country where you are always sub-human below a muslim person and can be deported right on the spot if you get in trouble. which is good and bad at the same time. the culture is just... different. i haven't been there yet but spending winter months there should work out just fine. plus they have one of the best airports and airlines in the world so great connection is a plus. and when it comes to business, visa and things like that, they are opening up to the world very nicely. plus no income tax. although i have read they don't allow unvaxed people in or something crazy like that, so who knows.

Cyprus is very safe. which is a bit paradox but it makes sense since half of it is occupied by turkey and the other half belongs to EU so police and military is actually present. they have good tax laws when it comes to investors and such. but from what i have seen I personally just don't "feel" it and i think internet is slow overall and winters are cold. also english is well spoken and prices are not bad. location wise, not ideal and flights are a problem. but again, setting up a company is not a bad idea and spending few months there as well.

Malaysia is the only country on the list that has territorial tax system so it would work out best for official residency. kula-lumpur is very modern city but it is hot and humid islamic country with terrorism, kidnappings and crime present. they have mm2h visa, currently on hold, that allow unlimited stay for just $75k that will be returned back once you decide to cancel the visa and half of that can be used for housing or medical bills if needed. unfortunately when covid hit, they closed the borders and didn't allow mm2h holders in for some time which is very bad PR and overall situation for the people who actually live there and were outside of the country for some reason. and present covid situation is also not good. but it is great SEA hub for travelling and there are islands and beaches and nature.

Lastly, Thailand. Well, two things:
a) it is ruled by a king, so i would say it could be more stable overall
b) if you want to find a wife, thailand seems to be the right place. i thought about philipines but thailand seems to be a better place overall.

Then there is the Balkans - Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania specifically. Serbia is getting good PR from many people and even when it comes to covid. It is also not in EU which is a great plus but I am almost sure this will change soon. Bulgaria is cheap country with great nature, beaches, mountains and whatnot. It is in EU but it is a gem in my opinion. Albania was never on my list but lately it is getting good PR, especially related to covid.

That's about it for me. I was thinking about America(the continent) but USA and Canada are obviously off the list and the rest is ridden with crime, gangs, drugs, cartels, corruption, socialism and whatnot. Sure, there are good and safe places everywhere but I just don't feel like risking it there, personally. Although I'd love to find me some brazilian, colombian or argentinian waifu that would divorce rape me. Could be worth it still :D

Oh, and russia is very interesting as well. But I think only if you have proper money because it makes most sense to live in the large cities which seem expensive, even though the purchasing power overall for Russia is very low, they still have oligarchs there. And Sochi is quite south so .. it's an option. For summer and winter, if you are into winter sports. although visa is a problem(ymmv).

So yeah, that's been just me thinking out loud here.
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The quality of life index is a bit misleading since it does not reflect the fact that you, as immigrant, won't be making the same money as locals.
Also if you're on this forum, I suspect you're not exactly the kind of person that is the most represented in these surveys about quality of life.


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Eastern Europe is the place to be. They don't want communism and countries like Bulgraria only 16% of the population took the sccamarona vax.


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so malaysia has just fucked itself along with all the present and future mm2h visa holders:



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hmmm, interesting. european countries i listed are naturally lacking islamic presence. i see a causation here... i might give central and south america a try.


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places like russia or singapore or even work in philippines for european origin people would be good ,for african-origin guys,africa is the mother continent, like botswana or rwanda or even kenya is a good option

for asian dudes they could live in japan or any other country where purchasing-power-parity is there for example philippines and singapore

and for south asians and middle easterners, dubai and doha and qatar and other places like that are good atleast from a living stand-point

what i am trying to say it that it could be a little bit adjustment at first, but eventually we are going to be naturalised in other native places as well, just give it a 10-15 years or so lol

always remember, we aka MGTOW community are like the siberian cranes, who are migratory birds of no nation in particular

we are eventually free from everything

i wish all the best to all of you in your future endeavours as well